WELCOME to BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION. Our site is dedicated to, but not limited to sharing our love for those mesmerizing ancient trees known as bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva). Bristlecones are among the oldest living organisms on Earth. One of their numbers, Prometheus, lived on a spectacular, windswept ridge near 11,000’ in the Great Basin of Nevada to an age exceeding 5,000 years! Bristlecones are not only old, but are among the most artistic trees found anywhere. The harsh, high altitude mountain environments of the American West render them in the most exquisite of imaginative shapes. In their own environment nothing equals their beauty. They are truly spellbinding.
Other inspirations are derived from the untamed, wild mustangs of the Great Basin and sun-gold Baltic amber (Succinite) from the other side of the world. Mustangs are a legendary and graceful symbol of Western American freedom. Baltic amber is a symbol of warmth and beauty that ancient man revered. Amber, the fossilized resin of trees living 30-80 million years ago, emits such a glow of warmth that it is unequalled by any other gemstone. It also happens amber has inclusions in the form of insects, tiny air bubbles, small parts of plants and natural debris imprisoned some 50 million years ago.
Ancient trees, wild horses and golden amber! What better way to celebrate artistry of our world? On our site we offer you here an esthetic experience. Welcome and enjoy your time viewing some of nature’s grace. And if you are thus inspired, as we are, we host forums on the above listed subjects and kindly invite you to join us.
Also a fine selection of art and gifts awaits your pleasure. Whether you’re interested in high quality dramatic oil paintings, fine sculptures or jewelry our artists are able to satisfy your most discriminating tastes. So please enter the site by clicking on the links above. Let your curiosity take you on an inspired journey.
May we suggest starting your journey by passing through the mysterious "Bristlecone Pines," admiring the gallop and grace of "Wild Horses" and listening to the soft and subtle whisper of primeval "Amber.”
"Nature is the art of God." - Dante Alighieri
Bon voyage!
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