BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION is based on enthusiasm for our inspirations. It is all about Bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva), Wild Horses a.k.a. Mustangs (Feral horses), Baltic amber (Succinite) and other wonders of nature. That is a truly one big inspirational piece!
Sharing of knowledge, information, love and experience of our inspirations is one of our main goals and we are happy and proud of taking part in that. On the other hand we are learning ourselves what is a never-ending process. We kindly invite and encourage every single kindred spirit to join us at our forums (there are three separate forums under each of our big inspirations), give suggestions, advise and share your thoughts with us. That is the most joyful part of this site that we gladly share with you.

Natural rocks and minerals along with fine art and arty-objects often inspired by our three biggest muses play a supportive role. We are enthusiastic and open-minded International artists and providers of the finest in art: painting, sculpture, jewelry, unique gift. We are involved in that sort of activity for more than 25 years each. Many of our items are unique. Commissions are welcome.
We always strive to face out the high standards of our values and guiding principles and we dare to think WE CAN BE COUNTED ON... as:

Currently we do not offer neither our art nor minerals online. We prefer to meet people face to face. We did many shows throughout the country as in NV, NY, NJ, CO, NC, FL, AZ, IL... Truth, we accept orders online from our friends and existing customers who know who we are and trust us.

Have questions, requests, comments, suggestions? Please e-mail us. We are happy to hear from you!