Horses originated from North America inhabited the land tens of millions years ago. Historical evidence of the fact is fossilized horse skeletons were discovered in Wyoming. Not just one or a few. Hundreds! The last horses in North America vanished from their original land 8-10 million years ago. For some reasons the climate has changed and their herds migrated to Asia and South America thus avoiding full extinction. Finally, the horses were brought back to their origin continent as domesticated animals by Spanish explorers and invaders approximately 500 years ago. Some of these horses one way or another obtained its freedom and used their chance. They produced herds and took up habitation on the land their ancestors had roamed ages ago and marked the beginning of a new era known as legendary American mustangs of the West.  Welcome home!
Welcome? Sadly, “the current situation of the mustangs as vigorous competitors for the scanty resources of the West’s drought-parched rangelands has put them at the center of passionate controversies about their purpose, place, and future on the open range.” (Honest Horses: Wild Horses In The Great Basin by Paula Morin, University of Nevada Press, 2006)

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