Welcome to the breathtaking domain of BALTIC AMBER.
Amber is a remarkable substance for being both tree resin and a fossil. It's beauty has been noticed from times immemorial. Amber jewelry and articles were found at numerous archeological sites throughout the world. The fossil is very important and unique to scientists, especially to those who research many fields of the past. Perhaps there is no better characterization of amber like "The Natural Time Capsule" as the title of an outstanding book by Andrew Ross is. Baltic Amber plays the featuring role on this site.

A bowl of Baltic Amber nuggets naturally polished by waves swashing it against sandy beaches. Gathered up after a storm on a sea-shore near Šventoji, Lithuania. (R.V. Byenes)

We believe you will enjoy the below documentary showing Attenborough's search for the identities of preserved creatures inside a piece of Baltic Amber and much more. Enjoy.
Thank you for your interest in amber and let us share love for these stones of the sun with you!

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