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Mark Meyer has created a timeline for the presence of amber within the geologic time scale. Briefly, the oldest amber has been found is of Carboniferous period (360-285 million years ago). Both the Baltic and Dominican Amber is of Tertiary period (65-2 million years ago). Baltic Amber is of 55-40 million years old, while Dominican Amber is about 30 - 20 million of years. Younger so-called amber of 25 - 2 million years old , probably copal. Resins that have been dated to a few million years old or less are surely copal.



A capsule of oxides encrust the chunk of Baltic Amber, Lithuania. (R.V. Byenes)

Amber that is buried in the ground is well protected from oxidation, but exposed amber gets into contact with oxygen and encrusts with a capsule of oxides over a long time. Areas full of heavy sediments such as clay and sand are ideal natural amber storages. Baltic Amber is well preserved in a geological strata called "blue earth".

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