MICHAEL POLSKY - About the Artist
Michael Polsky (b. 1964)
Michael Polsky is one of the most talented contemporary sculptors who may sculpt even the very fine details in classic realism style. Indeed, the artist has completed over 200 pieces of military-historic miniature figures and many of them are combined together with different animals as horses, elephants, tigers, falcons and others. One may notice even the very finest details as buckles, clasps, decorative patterns on a helmet, nails, teeth, etc. It would be nothing to wonder at if the sizes are bigger. However, now the speech is of human figures of 2 1/8Ē in height! Moreover, all the proportions are anatomically and historically correct. Itís incredible! Michaelís artworks were awarded the top prizes at over 50 International Exhibitions of Military-Historic Miniature in the U.S., U.K., France, Italy... And it is not a surprise that his artwork may be found in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Spain, Italy, Russia and worldwide.
Moreover, it does not mean that Michaelís talent and recognition are limited to military-historic miniature. Not at all. But his ability to put all these finest details on a miniature makes him an extraordinary sculptor. Just imagine he may put (if necessary) all these on larger pieces! Michael likes to sculpt figures larger than miniature and up to life-size. He works in bronze, silver, pewter, marble and clay. Michael is a very prolific, thoughtful and imaginative artist with quite a wide range and clearly well versed in his craft.
The artist is a good portraitist and also a great master of equine art. Human figures, dogs, elephants, etc. are some of his subjects but his greatest love appears to be for horses. Personally, I have never met a person who loves horses so much. It is better to say that he is crazy for horses since his childhood. Knowing his passion, Michaelís parents always called him home when he was playing with other kids out in a yard and horses were shown on TV, even as incidental characters. In these moments nothing else except horses existed to little Michael and he could leave the most interesting game. Sure, often it was over when the boy has rushed home in front of TV. Then he always was so sorry he missed the moment, the holy moment to him.
Michael Polsky  was born in Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. Among other art schools he has graduated from Y.E.Repin Art Academy of St. Petersburg, the oldest high school of art in Russia, with a Diploma of Sculptor in 1994. Michael is working as a professional sculptor since then. The artist has completed different artwork in sculpture: monumental and memorial, decorative, equine, wildlife, portraiture and medals. Every of Michaelís sculpture is a masterpiece reflecting his excellent knowledge of anatomy, amazing a viewer by graceful motion of figures, astonishing by many intricate details, surprising by his complete understanding the art of sculpture.
Michael has created so many artwork that it would be easily possible to overload any website. The images displayed on this site are just a few artwork by the artist. Michael is loyal to the principles of Classical Italian Art, so the artwork on display are in the traditional manner, not the innovative approach of the 20th and 21st centuries avant-garde. Has the artist ability also to create modern art? Perhaps not. But there is another thing. "The true cowboy never rides an ass", smiles Michael.
International awards for military-historic miniature
1. April 1997, New Jersey, USA - gold for "Mongolian".
2. November 1998, Sevr, Paris, France - gold for "Frank & Arabian"
3. September 1999, Eurominiature, England - bronze for "Frank & Arabian"
4. September 1999, Eurominiature, England - silver for "Egyptian with a lion"
5. September 1999, Eurominiature, England - gold for "Indian rajah on elephant"
6. September 1999, Chicago, USA - silver for "Egyptian with a lion"
7. September 1999, Chicago, USA - gold for "Indian rajah on elephant"
8. June 2000, Mondual, Paris, France - silver for "Persian king in a chariot"
9. November 2000, Paris, France - gold for "Chinese colonel on on elephant"
10. October 2001, Paris, France - gold for ""Black beard", the pirate"
11. June 2002, Paris, France - silver for "Tehran '43" (Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin)
12. July 2002, Worldexpo, Rome, Italy - bronze for "The team on elephant" (Chinese colonel, advisor and elephanteer)
13. July 2002, Worldexpo, Rome, Italy - bronze for "Warriors of Ptolemey dynasty on elephant"
14. July 2002, Worldexpo, Rome, Italy - bronze for "Tehran '43" (Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin)
15. July 2002, Worldexpo, Rome, Italy - silver for "Assyrian four-in-hand horses"
16. November 2002, Paris, France - bronze for "Lieutenant of infantry"
In miniature Michael has completed over:
  • 160 human figures
  • 60 horses
  • also tens of lions, camels, elephants, dogs, monitor lizards, falcons, etc.

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