TANYA IVANYUK - About the Artist
Tanya Ivanyuk (b. 1963)
Tanya Ivanyuk was born in Antratsit, Ukraine. She studied at the Lugansk Art School, and then graduated from Y.E. Repin Art Academy in 1995. Her graduation painting was selected to be on display at the Academy's Fine Art Museum. As an advanced student, she took part in the Academy's exhibitions and competitions, winning many high honors and recognitions as one of the Academy's foremost talents. In addition, it took Tanya 6 next years of assistance-internship at the Academy. Currently Tanya works as a freelance artist. Her paintings are acquired by numerous art collectors worldwide.
It was always interesting to Tanya to watch people: their eyes and face expressions, state of minds, changes of their body position in expanse. She always admired by people: children and elderly, women and men. She accepts children as a pristine nature. The artist states we all have own history: some bright and some sad periods. However, every child has a chance for a bright future and that is incredible. I began to think about the essence of life and spiritually related things when I have approached the mature age. Thus, I discovered a new light of life to myself. Tanya thinks that every man is a little creator, and we do experience joy through a creation. "Then we put that joy into our creations automatically, without any purpose. It's because everything we feel comes throughout us and leaves a print. When we feel another sort of  joy as we become gentler."
Tanya loves works that are meaningful. The beauty is a very abstract, however, personal concept. Tanya prefers realistic approach of her artwork. The artist uses different technique in her paintings, but values oil over pastel and aquarelle due to its durability. She loves impressionistic and classic styles.

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