Artist's Gallery is a site where artwork from our artists are displayed and can be purchased securely online from comfort of your home. Each Artist’s Gallery also contains relevant information including “About the Artist” that opens by default and “Artist’s Portfolio” where artwork completed by that artist, yet not necessarily available for sale, is displayed. The latter unveils the artist's talent and helps our patrons to commission an artist to create a unique artwork of patron's choice by portraying the quality you can expect when ordering.
An object of art, whether it is originally created by artist or commissioned by a patron, creates and brings up a very special aura that enhances the space where that artwork is exposed.
An object of art is worthwhile investment. A true art object is a heirloom that will be enjoyed by generations, increasing in value as time passes by. Moreover, it is an excellent, valuable, prestigious and a very special gift.
Our artists accept a limited number of private and corporate commissions that are a big part of our Art business. Whether it is your family member, a loved one, a pet, a favorite landscape or scene, or something that can be reproduced as a fundraiser for your organization, our artists can create it as an impressive and unique art object. Perhaps there is an image you have fallen in love with that can be transferred into a sculptural work or painting. Or you may wish to own a classic piece of art whose cost is prohibitive if that piece is for sale at all. Our artists can create an original artwork of portraiture, decorative, garden or an afterwork project (if it doesn't fall under a copyright law) according to your specifications.
An artistic portrait of oneself or a loved one is a very special, exclusive and excellent gift to oneself or a loved one showing that person how much loved and important she or he is to us. Also it is a good investment - the future generations of your family will enjoy the artistic images of their grandparents. You may also wish to be a proud proprietor of yourself or a beloved one’s time-resistant portrait. And it is not necessary to be famous or rich to have it! Our artists accept commissions to create any portrait through quality pictures and a description that characterizes that person. Portraits are a big part of our commissions.
Enjoy our online exposition and share your emotions with friends!

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