Welcome to the section of our farraginous FINE JEWELRY and natural Gemstones/Minerals. Our jewelry may be of various material though Baltic Amber absolutely dominates. We use natural Baltic Amber only and often combine it with sterling silver (925). It's symbolic the Silver State which is home to Bristlecone pines and wild horses is honored that way.



We are in a process to start making chrysocolla jewelry. And it has a history. There are archeological records Cleopatra of Egypt was wearing chrysocolla jewelry. That does mean the mineral was known so long ago and its beauty was recognized by ancient Egyptians. Chrysocolla often does look so similar to turquoise many people think it is. The mineral occurs in many copper mines worldwide including the United States, especially as blue crusts on the basalts near Somerville, NJ; and as a bluish green matrix cementing black masses at most copper mines of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.
Our works of art are mostly inspired by Bristlecone Pines, Wild Horses (Mustangs) and other Wonders of the Bristlecone Land. We believe our jewelry is laced with that vibrant spirit of the Wild West. Outwardly, the geometrical forms are common and similar as many other things are. However, we guarantee we neither make nor offer our customers a meretricious artwork.
Thank you for your interest in our jewelry and let us share our passion with you!

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