As a producer usually WE SELL WHOLESALE with a few exceptions like to compliment members of our forums for keeping our community active. Currently we are addicted to exhibiting and trading our artwork at some selected shows what gives us opportunity to meet our customers face to face. We inform our existing and potential customers about the upcoming shows we do. This is not our on-line shop. So we present a few simple common designs only as an effort to prevent our original designs from a "copy cats". We hope, that gives a visitor of this website an idea on what type of jewelry we produce and offer to our customers. Of course, we have much more designs and we accept customized orders too.
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We offer jewelry of pure Baltic Amber only. Due to the lack of honesty, it happens that fake amber is introduced into the market as a "real amber". Also copal is often offered as "green amber" or "Carribean amber". We are doing our best to protect our customers and viewers of this site by suggesting some prized tips to identifying true amber (Succinite) offered by Garry Platt. We strongly recommend you to take time, click on the offered link and read the information.
Fakes of chrysocolla and turquoise happens quite seldom.
Thank you for your interest in our jewelry and let us share our passion with you!

Have questions, requests, comments, suggestions? Please e-mail us. We are happy to hear from you!