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Author Topic: Beauty of the bristlecones  (Read 916 times)

R.V. Byenes

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Beauty of the bristlecones
« on: September 07, 2012, 02:32:16 AM »

When one climbs upwards alkaline slopes there are different approaches to the bristlecone pines available. Those amazing trees are a perfect subject to study many aspects of inter-relation of things in the nature. Iím such a stranger that the beauty and philosophic aspect of symbols is what I appreciate first of all. Indeed, I feel like I just followed the full life from the end to the beginning watching its ups and downs when Iím among bristlecone pines. Did I learn enough? Should I take actions to make changes in my life? What should I change and where to begin? I donít believe those lessons were presented to me without any reason. Am I grown up enough to understand all that? The only thing I know is whatever you are and whichever way you have taken thereís always hope like strenuous attempts of the bristlecones to survive. They grow in harsh conditions on rugged mountain slopes. All that doesnít look to be a safe and comfortable shelter that we all wish to have. Nevertheless those strangers keep struggling the wild elements. Bristlecones take so little and give us so much by their own example that we gain a Hope. Then and only then I think in a scientific way why something is that way or another in the natureÖ