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Author Topic: Memories and dreams  (Read 649 times)

R.V. Byenes

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Memories and dreams
« on: September 07, 2012, 07:12:25 AM »

I still remember the lesson I got from one art tutor in my young days. He said that there are three subjects in art that allow us to express everything we can imagine. The big three are: a dancing woman, a horse and a sail in the distance. I dare to have a doubt today. Perhaps the three are not enough to express absolutely everything. But I donít want a quarrel on that. Moreover, thereís sooooo much of truth. I love all the three subjects but in a different way. Here I focus on wild horses, a.k.a. mustangs. Their undisputable grace is just one thing to mention. Mustangs are symbol for freedom and conquering the West. Ah, wild spirits, take me to your dreamland. :)
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