WELCOME to BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION. Our site is dedicated to, but not limited to sharing our love for those mesmerizing ancient trees known as bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva). Bristlecones are among the oldest living non-clonal organisms on Earth. One of their numbers, Prometheus, lived on a spectacular, windswept ridge near 11,000 in the Great Basin of Nevada to an impressive age exceeding 5,000 years! Methuselah, another bristlecone pine, approaches that same age standing and still growing in the White Mountains, California. And very likely there are a few even older species. Bristlecones are not only old, but also among the most artistic trees found anywhere. The harsh, high altitude mountain elements of the American West render them into the most exquisite of imaginative shapes. In their own environment nothing equals their beauty. They are truly spellbinding.
You are very welcome to join us on that same trail winding among breathtaking bristlecone pine groves and share your inspirations with us. A shared adventure is twice the adventure. And we hope you discover and enjoy other things while wandering with us. This site has implemented forum for bristlecone pine explorers and enthusiasts to share their excitements and  impressions, thoughts and care, providence, notices and much more. And that is you, only you, dear bristlecone pine lover who keep this site alive, buoyant, successful and well-liked. Thank you for your interest, thank you for being active.
"Nature is the art of God." - Dante Alighieri

Bon voyage!
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