Welcome to BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION. This site is focused on "everything about Bristlecone Pines" both as a source of information and a playground for appreciation of Bristlecone Pine lovers and nature lovers in general.
Of course, it is not realistic to collect everything about anything in one place and that is not the aim. However, it is always worth to do the best we can. Right? So please help us to keep and improve this site with relevant information, notice, advice... The list of Bristlecone Pine related information is categorized, gets bigger and new links are added on a constant basis in "links" under the category of BC (Bristlecone Pines).
Forum under the same category is a gift to Bristlecone Pine lovers. Now they have a room for staying together, exchanging views, sharing excitements, care, stories and other Bristlecone Pine related issues. We are much stronger when we are together and shared adventure is a double adventure. So come on and welcome to the realm of Bristlecone Pines.



This site is built and kept on enthusiasm and love for Bristlecone Pines first of all. Yes, it requires time, energy, creativity and financial injection, of course. Even though that is an issue you will never be asked for financial donations except for your advice or other act of goodwill to support this site. A small business that goes along and is mostly inspired by amazing Bristlecone Pines is employed instead.

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