BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION is a project started in 2009. However, the roots go down to 1997. One mountain and nature enthusiast immediately was attracted by Bristlecone Pines since he first saw pictures of those amazing trees along with short description about the trees. He could not resist the lure to see them in their natural environment. Since then he made numerous adventures exploring and enjoying his time among those wonderful ancients. But this project would be nothing without input and help of some great people who stand together. Thus a friendly international team has crystallized out.




Sharing of knowledge, information, love and experience about our inspirations is one of our main goals. We are happy and proud of taking part in that process. On the other hand we are learning ourselves and this is a never-ending progression. We are enthusiastic and open-minded international folks. We kindly invite and encourage every single kindred spirit to join us and take an active part at our forums, give suggestions, advise and share their thoughts with us.

Thanks for staying with us. We are always  happy to hear from you!