We all have a natural wish to do what we love. And we take decisions in our lives just to have a chance to chase our dreams and make them happen. When we have a passion for something we do that something on fire.
So our business is based that way and serves to support this site and our passion for selected natural wonders. Here Bristlecone Pines are the central figure that gives a mixture of artistic and scientific inspiration. Other natural wonders also touch our inner strings and make them sound. That is why wild horses as a subject, amber together with other gems and minerals as objects are incorporated into the business.
We admire genuine gems and minerals. Moreover, we design and create fine jewelry, gifts and exclusive objects of art. Our quality of fine art is hard to find. Even if that sounds tall, the quality is not overestimated though. Also we have a task to developing the BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION brand product line. Please click on the above "BCI ART" button or here to see some of our artwork, many of which are unique. Currently BRISTLECONE INSPIRATION does not offer artwork  online. We prefer to meet people face to face instead. That is why we did many shows throughout the U.S. including  AZ, NV, CO, IL, NC, FL, TN, NY, NJ and MI. Hopefully online business will be employed too when such a decision will be taken.
We are glad to share a few moments we enjoyed at different shows below:





JF&A Show. Chicago, IL







Coliseum Show. Denver, CO







G&LW Show. Orlando, FL







22nd Street Show. Tucson, AZ







G&LW show. Detroit, MI







G&LW show. Franklin, NC







Denver Gem & Mineral Show. Denver, CO



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