Hello! My name is Wanderer Throughout Millenniums. Humans call us Bristlecone Pines and I am one of them. I am still standing tree, not growing any longer though. (It is nevertheless true that somebody has chosen my image as their logo.) I feel privileged to welcome you at the entrance to BRISTLECONE PINE REALM of mesmerizing beauty full of charm and magic. Please use the navigation buttons on the left and follow the trail into Bristlecone Pine Grove, an excellent place for humans to expand their horizons of self cognition by thinking of eternity and being touched by positive unforgettable emotions. I only ask you to respect that fragile environment we call home and follow the law of ethics: consider our home is a fragile temple. Please stay on trail to minimize the erosion that cause us to die. Thank you and enjoy the adventure!
We wish to share our wisdom with you, dear reader. You will discover tons of wonderful things while wandering among us and carefully listening our stories we whisper to all gentle people. Everybody can listen, but not everybody is able to hear. I hope you are among those lucky ones who have a gift of hearing.
Besides natural elements carved us into shapes of stunning beauty we are also encoded a lot of knowledge and wisdom of the universe. We were standing for ages, growing slowly in harsh environment, watching the stars, surviving terrible storms and listening to the wind. We are old, very old... Some of us are even older than the Egythian pyramids have been started to build. Scientists have discovered we are the oldest non-clonal single organism on earth.

Howdy! My name is Wise Observer. I think you remember me showing up on cover page when entering this site. You might think I am just a work by graphic designer. Not at all! We are Bristlecone Pines and some of us have obtained such shapes, textures, colors and relief that are beyond imagination of artistic human souls. We, especially those of us growing in the most harsh conditions just below timberline, gain strongly expressed personalization. We are so individual that many of our ancients have their own names. Perhaps you heard of Prometheus, Methuselah, Alpha and Patriarch among others. I myself am pretty small human-like face formed by elements of nature on a deadwood. You may notice remnants of branches I had long ago, ebony color wood, dark brown veins that were created when some parts of my wood oxidized more than others, the relief and stressed wood on the lower right.
Please do not say, "Hey, that guy has left eye only... and the three nostrils!" Do not judge me for my look before I tell you the following. We have been isolated from human beings for ages until recently. Please keep in mind it was (and definitely is) the best way for us to survive. I remember times when valleys below my roots were full of bison roaming in massive herds. Standing above I watched everyday life of American Indians and then inhabiting this land by Europeans. I have seen dramatic fall of Prometheus, over 5,000 years old Bristlecone Pine and, finally, shivered experiencing over 900 nuclear tests on the neighborhood. Then, does anybody wonder I have one eye only and three nostrils? I do not blame anybody and believe a sound mind will always take over, after series of mistakes and painful experiences though.
I stay quietly in my hide-out communicating the universe, mourning for Prometheus and hoping for better times. I showed up to one guy only so that he shares my story with you. I prefer staying indiscernible - Methuselah, another Bristlecone Pine that once was considered the oldest living one after the fall of Prometheus, was vandalized by souvenir collectors continuously. Fortunately, the exact location was finally concealed from finding him and Methuselah is much safer now.



Bristlecone Pines. GBNP, Nevada.
Wisdom loves to listen. So let people tell stories about us too.
"This tree is pre-eminently picturesque, far surpassing not only its companion species of the mountains in this respect, but also the most noted of the lowland oaks and elms. Some stand firmly erect, feathered with radiant tail tassels down to the ground, forming slender, tapering towers of shining verdure; others with two or three specialized branches pushed out at right angles to the trunk and densely clad with the tasseled sprays, take the form of beautiful ornamental crosses while on the roughest ledges of crumbling limestone are lowly old giants, five or six feet in diameter, that have braved the storms of more than a thousand years." John Muir
"We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another, unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, and constellations." Anais Nin

The above quote was made having in mind spiritual level of human beings. However, how true that is if applied to describe physical shape of Bristlecone Pines too!

Thanks for staying with us. We are always  happy to hear from you!