Welcome to our spellbinding whirligig of BC ART. It is dedicated to the appreciation of Contemporary Fine Art for the benefit of our International clientele of private and corporate collectors. BC ART features the very finest of the Contemporary Realism and Abstractionism. Sculpture and Oil Painting dominate over other works of art.
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then how many words is a sculpture worth? And a piece of fine jewelry? We believe our works of art are nothing else but flow of joy warming sensitive souls. In the same strain we would like to thank every single soul who acquired our artwork and thus way helps us to keep our activities alive.
Just a few artists are part of our friendly International team. We are not looking for quantity, but quality based on soulmateship. Those few super talented artists of unique vision and artistic skills create artwork comparable to classic masters while remaining immersed in modern life. They are available for a wide range of art projects. We ensure art we offer adheres to the very best standards of fine art, which we are proud to offer.
Whether you are an Art Museum or Gallery, Casino or Hotel, Business or Organization, Architect or Designer, Art Collector or Art Lover - we hope you will love artwork created by our talented artists.
Enjoy our objects of art and share your emotions with friends!

Thanks for staying with us. We are always  happy to hear from you!