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Great Basin Life - Amazing website of Arla Ruggles. Tons of fabulous pictures, attention-grabbing descriptions... A kind of Great Basin chronicle...
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We are happy to greet our fellow Bristlecone Pine lovers: both beginners and experienced ones. We believe everybody will find and enjoy interesting and valuable detail by clicking on the links below. Please help us to enlarge that database. We will only add links we think lead to valuable information. Thank you.
Photographic art far and away overtakes all other artistic expressions featuring Bristlecone Pines and definitely reigns over them. Below we recommend a few sources.
Bristlecone Pines - featured on this site in Photo Gallery
Bristlecone Pines captured by Philip Cola
Patriarch Grove - photographic images of Bristlecone Pines
The Ancient Bristlecones of the White Mountains, CA by Don Macnaughtan
The Bristlecone Pines of Windy Ridge, CO by Don Macnaughtan
Quads among the Bristlecones :((( - Images of adventure without parallel
Bristlecone Pine Pictures by QT Luong
Bristlecone Pine by Hugh Prestwood
Bristlecone Pine (Hugh Prestwood) sung by J. Salestrom
Bristlecone Pine by Bryan Bowers
Bristlecone played by Trace Bundy (for better sound quality visit Trace Bundy's MySpace page and select Bristlecone (the first song on the Pop Out Player))
The handcrafted steel Bristlecone Pine (15' tall) in atrium of private residence
Krummholtz by Alan Sullivan
Bristlecone Pine by Michael Hardin (page 3 (5))
The Oldest Living Thing on Earth by Tree Riesener (page 4 (6))
Walking Toward What’s Left by Mary Kay Rummel
The Oldest Tree on Earth: The Curse of Methuselah by Roger McGough
Bristlecone Pine by Nick
Bristlecone Pine by Sunny Franson
Poems by Diane Weddington
Bristlecone Pine by Karen Elizabeth Margulis
Balance by Deborah Ann Uhl
Paintings by Della Taylor Hoss
Dancing Bristlecone Pine by Tolpo Bader
Bristlecone Pine By Carroll Thomas
Bristlecone Pine by Hollan Holmes
Painting at Bristlecone Pine Forest - Brad Faegre
Transcript of the television broadcast
Wisdom of the Ancients by Dr. Hal Fritts
The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at University of Arizona
University of Tennessee Dendrochronology
Resources for Dendrochronologists
Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory
University of Victoria Tree Ring Laboratory
Mount Allison University Dendrochronology Laboratory
Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology at Cornell University
Online Glossary of Dendrochronology
Bristlecone Pine
Written in Tree Rings
Meet The Oldest Living Things
Loreena McKennitt Ancient Pines
The Methuselah Tree
Bristlecone Ride
Bristlecone Pine Grove of the Ancients
What old pines seem to like may kill them by Stephanie Tavares – Las Vegas Sun
Great Basin montane forests (NA0515) - All text by World Wildlife Fund - National Geographic
Oldest Living Tree Found in Sweden byJames Owen – National Geographic
Long-Living Bristlecone Pine Is Lord of the Rings / Tree study puts cultural identity and the nature of human inquiry in perspective by David Lukas - SFGate
Bristlecone's growth may reflect global warming by David Perlman - SFGate
At Age 4,600-Plus, Methuselah Pine Tree Begets New Offspring by Gwen Kinkead – The New York Times
Tree-ring research tells climate history – Arizona Daily Wildcat
Ancient High-Altitude Trees Grow Faster as Temperatures Rise – UA News
Tree-Ring Times – Newsletter of the UA LTRR (Fall 2001)
Timberline Ancients by David Muench
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest: living then, living now by Russ Johnson, Anne Johnson, Charles Wesley Ferguson
The Bristlecone Book: A Natural History of The World's Oldest Trees by Ronald M. Lanner
A Garden of Bristlecones: Tales of Change in the Great Basin by Michael P. Cohen
Great Basin drama By Darwin Lambert
A Day in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest by Mark A. Schlenz, Dennis Flaherty
Bristlecone pine in the White Mountains of California: growth and ring-width characteristics by Harold C. Fritts
Ancient Bristlecone Pine site by Leonard Miller
The Tragedy of Prometheus - A story of careless "non-caretaking"
Bristlecone Pine – Bryce Canyon
Bristlecone Pines – GBNP
Ancient trees  - GBNP
Great Basin National Park – informative issue of 40 pages by National Parks Conservation Association
Tree Rings Tell a Story of the secrets of ancient climates
Experience in Bristlecone Pine Forest by Jane Braxton
Lost and Found: The Bristlecone Pine Collection by Christine Hallman, Tom Harlan
Analysis of the relationships between geologic substrate and vegetation… By C. Van de Ven, W. G. Ernst, R. J. P. Lyon, and A.W. Strawa
White pine blister rust - a non-native fungus (Cronartium ribicola) that causes the disease
Plant Species Distributions under Present Conditions and Forecasted for Warmer Climates in an Arid Mountain Range by Christopher M. Van de Ven, S. B. Weiss and W. G. Ernst
Frost rings in trees as records of major volcanic eruptions by Valmore C. LaMarche Jr. and Katherine K. Hirschboeck
The Thera Theory by Allan Chen
Reflections Around a Mutilated Tree by DORIS LOVE, Dr Sc. (Lund)
LONGAEVA: Ancient Bristlecone Pine And Their significance to Science by Andrew Dillon Bustin
Pinus longaeva - System U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (Fire Effects Information)
Field studies in the ancient bristlecone pine forest by John Woodmorappe
Ecological Research on the Ancient Bristlecone Pines by Adelia Barber
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The Cloud Foundation
American Wild Horse Preservation
Return to Freedom (RTF) Americn Wild Horse Sanctuary
Wild Horse Education
Let'em Run Foundation
Protect Mustangs
Manuela Stefan Equine Photography
Deb Little photography
Let Em Run by Lacy
Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield
Is it Bad Enough For You? Wild Horses

Wild Horse Roundup! Year 2012, Set Us Free!

Cinefocus and Media Productions LL

Freedom Fight (Saving Our Horses From Slaughter)

Quenching Las Vegas' Thirst - The page offers all 5 parts of "Quenching Las Vegas' Thirst". Suggest that to those who dare to feed us with fairy tales that wild horses cause droughts and disaster in high desert of Nevada and that's why they have to be removed by their very intelligent roundups. The fact is that all the wild horses of North America together are able to drink out a modest quantity of that water only. So then, who causes droughts and disasters to the nature and all of us?
U.S management of wild horses flawed, scientific report finds
Honest Horses: Wild Horses In The Great Basin by Paula Morin
Wild Horses of the West: History and Politics of America's Mustangs by J. Edward de Steiguer
Wild Horse Annie: Velma Johnston and Her Fight to Save the Mustang by Alan J. Kania
Wild Horse Origins
Wild Horses and Burros
Wild Horses as Native North American Wildlife
Myths and Facts about Wild Horses and Burros
Mustangs - wikipedia
Native Wild Horses
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