First, we'd like to thank our loyal and new friends, customers and visitors for sharing another amazing year full of delight moments with us. And we feel new meetings, smiles, interesting discussions and good deals are all behind the door trying to break in.
We are excited to introduce the BristleconeXplorers Forum and the Wild Horse Forum and hope you will enjoy them. So we invite you to join those discussion communities. The entrance buttons are on the left panel under appropriate theme. The theme entrance buttons are on top, just below our logo. Also we have added a new guestbook. All these pages are encrypted as we care of any personal information you are either required to enter or may wish to share with us. In addition we use extra filter that we run manually. The latter is to reduce a chance for robots and spammers to trash our discussions by their nasty porn and viagra posts. We know there are no 100% guarantee in real life, but we prefer to take one more step forward and do the best we can.
Our Bristlecone Pine portraiture (yes, sculptural portraiture of the real still standing dead tree) in bronze by M.Polsky, Jr.

Thanks for staying with us. We are always  happy to hear from you!